Avenue Matswa is a brand based in Brussels which was created with the belief that all ethnicities can wear African wax with as much pride as a real African. Avenue Matswa is a mix of elegance, extravagance, and self-confidence.
By using colorful African wax fabrics, we want you to make a fashion statement and wear our ensemble with as much pride as a real Saper, which we are sure is hiding within you.
Avenue Matswa is an exclusive brand , that’s why we offer a very limited quantity for each pattern. So if you have a crush for one of our patterns, be quicker than the others and buy it.  
The name of our brand, "Avenue Matswa finds its inspiration from an avenue with the similar name in the Republic of Congo. Avenue Matswa is famous for it's clothing shops and is known as the place of demonstration of the Sapers.

Okapi conservation


We at Avenue Matswa believe in the necessity of preserving natural habitats around the world. That’s why we chose to invest in the protection of the okapi’s habitat in the Democratic Republic of Congo through donations to the Okapi Conservation Project.